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"— Are you from England?"


"Sorry— your accent." Bruce smiled timidly, and an apologetic look sparked in his dark eyes.

"I’ve done my fair share of wandering, enough to agree with you, that is."

"Not really, why do you— "

"Ah, that.  I’ve spent a lot of time there, kinda picked up the accent."  The Doctor grinned, shrugging off the man’s apology.  "No need to apologize for curiosity!"

"Oh?  Fellow wanderer then?"

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I’ll be back later, friends~!

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"David Tennant. He’s the second doctor right?"



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for a lack of better word, we’ll call him a monster.

  • previously recherchecannibal

ind. hannibal lecter roleplay blog

primarily book version and will use mads as a fc, but has an nbc and movie verse.

open to crossovers—any fandom, all fandoms—and ocs.

ten years of rp exp., about five on tumblr.

blog is moderately-to-highly triggering in concerns of gore and blood. mun makes attempts to tag most triggers.

mun is friendly.

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quick icon giveaway;


Woo I’ve never done one of these before. Okay, so, because I almost reached a big, big milestone, I’m doing a little 100x100 icon giveaway! I recently started making icons and found I really enjoyed doing it, so— here goes!

— must be following me
— only reblogs count
— giveaway ends when I say so ‘cause I’m bad at making deadlines

third prize —        10 icons
second prize —  15 icons
first prize —          20 icons

ex. icons;

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"Do I cut the red wire or the blue?  Terrible movie cliche, I know, but surprisingly accurate at times."

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                                                             what’s the point of you
                                                                  if you can’t save

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Reblog if your character has killed someone



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